Apr 142017

I have decided to give this website a long overdue makeover, as I have been wanting to simplify the professional site a bit, and I have been desiring to create a personal site attached to this address as well. It’s going to take a few weeks to complete, but the basic outline is done and now I am just trying to redesign the pages that will be maintained moving forward. As the name of this post suggests, I am taking this opportunity to “re-set” this blog. I am only going to maintain a small selection of past writings, and most related to Title IX and/or social justice. Moving forward, I will be writing periodic pieces on Title IX, as well as social justice, and conflict resolution.

A couple of quick updates for readers:

  1. As many readers know, I am over a year into my new role as the Director of Title IX Compliance for The Texas A&M University System, based in College Station. It is a position I am enjoying tremendously, as I get to work with people from eleven different universities, seven state agencies, a health science center, and a law school, comprising over 140,000 students and over 30,000 employees. In addition to serving as a technical consultant and reviewer of written materials, I also have the opportunity to develop and present training programs to a wide variety of people across our system. Because this is a new position, I have the opportunity to truly create something in the A&M System, and am appreciative every day of the uniqueness of this opportunity. 
  2. I am currently working with members of NCHERM-CR to develop a next generation of materials on conflict resolution, mediation, conflict coaching, and restorative justice. It’s premature to share too many details at this time, but I am very excited about the direction of the project, and have had my enthusiasm for this effort renewed by some dear friends and colleagues. There will be more to come on this, but a long awaited improvement on the previous training materials is making progress.

There will be much more news to share in the months ahead, as I am engaged in several different projects. So please keep checking back.