Video: An Introduction to Managing Conflict

This is a 2003 instructional video on conflict and styles of managing conflict. It is available for noncommercial educational use with appropriate citation. Citation: Olshak, R. (Producer) and Thomas, T. (Director). (2003). An introduction to managing conflict [educational video]. Illinois State University.

Power Point Presentations

The following are pdf files of Power Point presentations given by Rick. For access to the original ppt file, please send an e-mail request.

2015 –TIX Presentation (2015) (used with numerous audiences).¬†Please note this presentation¬†has not been updated to include the April 2015 guidance, though there isn’t much if any I will alter specifically from that guidance. I just want the reader to be aware that this has not been updated since March. I do plan an updated version by the end of the summer, and will post the new version in this place.

2013 – Meeting of Midwest Deans presentation on Title IX. Delivered October 7, 2013.

2013 – Central Illinois Volunteer Association professional development speech; CIVA 2013. Delivered February 15, 2013.

2012 – McLean County Chamber of Commerce keynote speech; Chamber of Commerce, 2012. This keynote speech was delivered at the EDUCate conference on May 17, 2012.

2010 – NASPA Pre-conference Presentation; Crafting our legacy through conflict resolution systems. This three hour presentation is intended as a companion to the chapter on needs assessment appearing in Reframing Campus Conflict (Schrage & Giacomini). The program also included some basic introduction to conflict materials.

2008 – Yes you can: Designing and implementing collaborative, sustainable conflict management processes on campus. This program was presented at the 2008 Donald D. Gehring Academy for Student Conduct Administration conflict resolution specialist track. It served as the precursor for the two chapters later authored for Reframing Campus Conflict (Schrage & Giacomini). Portions of the program also serve as a rough outline for needs assessment consultations.

Undated – Mastering mediation. This is the companion presentation to the basic mediation training program, typically offered over a long weekend. It includes lecture points, small group exercises and role plays.

Undated – An introduction to conflict resolution. This is the basic outline of a standard small group workshop on the basics of conflict resolution. It includes two exercises and covers the five basic styles of conflict resolution.