Rick OlshakWelcome to olshak.com

Rick Olshak has served as a professional in higher education administration for over twenty-five years in multiple roles at several different institutions. This site is designed to provide information about Rick as well as to provide resources and programs to other professionals. This site is undergoing a redesign and will be fully completed by the middle of February 2016, so please pardon the reconstruction.

Big News

As of February 1, 2016, Rick will begin serving as Director, Title IX Compliance for the Texas A&M University System, based in College Station, Texas. He will be leaving Illinois State University after twenty years at that institution, including eleven and a half years as an Associate Dean of Students.

Rick’s areas of expertise

– Title IX
– Conflict Resolution and Mediation (including conflict coaching and restorative justice)
– Student Conduct Administration (including investigations, training, sanctioning, and code of conduct development)
– Program Assessment and Needs Assessment

Rick is proud to serve as a member of the advisory board for the Association for Title IX Administrators (ATIXA), as a member of the editorial board board for The Journal of Campus Title IX Compliance and Best Practices (Campus IX, a publication of ATIXA) , and as an affiliated consultant with the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM). Rick is a past president (2001) of the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA).